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Electronic Application for Religion

This program is temporarily closed to new applications.

Most programs begin accepting Fall applications again by September 1. If you have further questions, please contact the office of this program directly.

All applicants must complete steps 1-4 below. The deadline for applications is December 15.

Applicants who are interested in the Program in Theology and Practice must also complete step 5.

STEP 1: Complete Page One. At this point your application information will automatically be entered into our database. You will then receive your unique user ID and password via email.
Please keep this information to use when logging back into your application.

STEP 2: Complete all Required Information. If you have logged off before completing all required information, use your password and ID to access your application again. Complete pages 2 and 3. You may log off and on as often as you wish until all required information is completed. Be sure to scan and attach your unofficial transcript(s) on page 2 of the application.

STEP 3: Officially Submit Your Application. Go to the bottom of page 3 to review the checklist of which required fields are completed and those which are not. Then, click the button at the bottom of page 3, “Submit Final Version for Review.” By officially submitting your application, you will let us know it is ready for formal review.

STEP 4: Submit Supporting Documents. The following documents are required to make your electronic application complete:
    Test Scores: GRE scores are required for all applicants; TOEFL scores are required for international applicants only. Official scores are required; however, unofficial scores may be entered on page 2 of the application and are sufficient until the official scores arrive. Your scores should be sent to institution code 1871. The GRE Department code for this program is: 4901

    Letters of Recommendation
    (minimum of 3, maximum of 5) may be submitted electronically. When you enter your recommender’s email address (page 2 of the application), we will notify them via email and provide instructions on how to complete their recommendation.

    Do NOT send your transcripts by mail. This will delay the review of your application. We will request your official transcripts only if an offer of admission is extended to you. Please note that, if you receive an admission offer, official transcripts are required before you may enroll.

STEP 5: OPTIONAL -- The Program in Theology and Practice. If you are interested in applying for the Program in Theology and Practice:
    Follow steps 1-4 above to apply to one of the eight areas of PhD study in Religion at Vanderbilt.

    In addition, please use the online form to submit an application essay for the Program in Theology and Practice (you will be redirected to a separate web form). For additional information on the Program in Theology and Practice, please visit the website for the program.

    If you have applied previously to Vanderbilt University and wish to reapply,
    you must access your previous record in order to create a new application,
    under the "Re-Apply" heading of your Applicant Menu page.


    For more information on graduate studies in Religion,
    visit the Religion Department website

    For specific questions about the program, please contact the department at (615) 343-3977
    or e-mail: GDR@vanderbilt.edu

    If applicable, paper letters of recommendation *only* (No Other Paper Materials) may be sent to:

    Vanderbilt University
    ATTN: Graduate Department of Religion
    411 21st Avenue South
    Nashville, TN 37240

    For technical questions regarding the application process, please contact us at 615-343-3977 or via e-mail to vandygrad@vanderbilt.edu



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